Harvard Book Club

Discuss The Swerve - How the World Became Modern by Stephen Greenblatt

Date:   January 21st, 2020

Time:   7:30 pm

Host:   Dorothy Marden 

Book and Author:  "The Swerve - How the World Became Modern"

                               by Stephen Greenblatt

                               Awards include The National Book Award and Pulitzer Prize

                               Published 2011

I am quoting freely from several "The Swerve" reviews

".....full of Latin lore, vivid Renaissance characters, startling stories, .....truly the book that puts the epic back in Epicurean."

."....an inquiry into the culture of medieval monasteries, Florentine humanists, the scandal-ridden Renaissance Papacy......"

and not to be overlooked a critical disclaimer:

"Part biography, part philosophy....part pop history page-turner.

The Swerve proves as approachable as it is provocative."

Questions are welcome.

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