Member Benefits...

Members love the Harvard Club of Minnesota. And for many good reasons…

The forum to network

Sure, everyone networks, but not everyone can network with Harvard grads from all of the schools Harvard offers. The Harvard Club of Minnesota is one of the only Clubs in the country to join all the schools together, including the Law School, Kennedy School, Business School and Harvard College. The Harvard Club of Minnesota is the perfect forum to meet great alums you don't know… yet. Why not take advantage of this most valuable resource?

Reconnect with old friends

Remember all the interesting people you met on campus? The Harvard Club of Minnesota offers a diverse range of events and activities to meet up with old friends. Facebook is fine, but nothing can take the place of meeting an old buddy at the global networking evening, watching a Harvard-Yale game, or attending happy hour gatherings.

Lifelong learning through really great programs

Need to brush up on classic fiction? Looking for business tips? Want to enjoy lectures from Harvard faculty or leading local figures in arts and sciences? With over 20 events throughout the year, it's easy to connect with other members who share your personal and professional interests. Members get reduced price, and some events are free to members or members-only. And don’t forget there are family-friendly programs as well!

Make a difference to your community

Are you always one to lend a hand? Club Members have a great opportunity to give back to their community through several committees, including Harvard Prize Books for deserving high school students, undergraduate interviewing, and volunteer service. During the annual Harvard Global Service Month in April, Club Members work together at food shelves, parks, homeless shelters and other sites.
Your dues and other contributions also allow the Club to continue its mission and purpose by:

  • Providing opportunities for professional networking with other Harvard alumni
  • Assisting Harvard University by interviewing high school seniors applying to Harvard College
  • Supporting a variety of community service activities
  • Providing the Harvard Prize Book, to outstanding Minnesota high school students in their junior class as a way of recognizing their excellence and attracting talented students to Harvard.
  • Raising funds for scholarships and other opportunities for Harvard students.

We hope you will join us!

You may register or renew your membership online or contact us for information on how to register.