George Floyd should be alive today

June 5, 2020

The murder of George Floyd was senseless, tragic, and preventable. On behalf of the Club, we grieve with his family and with all our community members. Our hearts are broken.

For those who are experiencing intense grief and anguish, please know that we see you, we hear you, and even though we are physically separated, you are not alone.

Our shared values include a recognition of the importance of pursuing justice, peace, and truth. Each of us should consider how to take action consistent with our shared values and demand that the racist systems that led to George Floyd’s death be dismantled and replaced by systems that are equitable and just.

To that end, the Club is encouraging our members to take action to promote antiracism. Such efforts could include volunteer work in a specific neighborhood or a virtual discussion group. If you have an idea for an event or action focused on promoting antiracism, please provide that to the Club and we’ll work with you to publicize the event to our members.

In the meantime, for those who are looking for information and advice on how to oppose racism and promote equity, there are many resources available. The list below is a sample of some online resources:

For those who are looking for ways to help, there are many organizations that are coordinating efforts with volunteers and accepting donations; the list below is a sample of some of the organizations:

Let us do all that we can to ensure that what happened to George Floyd never happens again. If we work together with our neighbors, friends, and community members, we can all look forward to the promise of a new day in our society—in which everyone feels valued and safe, and all are treated with fairness and justice.

Nicole Moen (JD ‘03)
2019-2021 President
Harvard Club of Minnesota

June 5, 2020