HBS to Open Research Office in Mid-US

March 2, 2020: Assistant Director sought to lead this effort

Over the past two decades, HBS has created a network of research centers to support and deepen faculty and student understanding of business across the globe. The School set up its first off-campus research center in California in 1997. Today, the network comprises a total of ten centers at locations around the world, with additional support coming from five regional offices. We are delighted to let you know that the School is now planning to add a new mid-US office to this network in 2020. Just as our other centers and offices have made it easier for faculty to work in and learn from those regions, an office in the central part of the US will facilitate our ability to develop cases and conduct other research in this region.

We are now seeking an Assistant Director to lead this effort. The successful candidate will work closely with HBS faculty and experts in the field, developing case studies, managing research projects, performing in-depth field and on-line research, and representing the School. View the job description for more details.

The specific location for an office in the mid-US will be driven, in part, by finding the right individual to guide our efforts. This will require someone who has experience developing relationships across a varied region and who will travel across the region and to Boston with some frequency to meet our faculty for their research and programs. As we know from setting up the other locations, finding the right individual to both establish and then lead a new HBS organization is critical to its success.

We look forward to updating you as this exciting undertaking unfolds. Should you have thoughts to share, or candidates to recommend please direct them to global@hbs.edu.


Lynn S. Paine
John G. McLean Professor
Senior Associate Dean for International Development

Victoria W. Winston
Executive Director
Global Initiative